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All-in-one support from development to construction, operation, maintenance and management



The Sky Solar Group's greatest advantage lies in its ability to handle all processes necessary for solar power generation, from planning and development to design and construction, operation, and maintenance.
This is based on our extensive experience, knowledge, technology, and construction track record, including in mega solar projects.

Development results

North and South America 228MW

Our main markets in North America are the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States and Ontario, Canada. The company also aims to expand into the Midwest, Texas and California through a targeted expansion strategy. Furthermore, we plan to leverage the group's carefully selected innovative technology transfer and access to a wide range of capital to expand into the North American storage battery sales market.

Our company has a long history of over 10 years in the solar power plant development business in North America. We have expertise in everything from early project discovery to development, including obtaining permits, as well as construction management and financing. Our North American team works to build solar power plants, as well as batteries and electric vehicles, including land traditionally used for solar power plants such as commercial land and agricultural land, as well as specialized sites such as landfills. We have worked on a wide range of projects such as charging stations.

Our North American operations, which were launched more than a decade ago,have a long history of developing,permitting, constructing as well as owning solar power generation assets.Our expertise is in identifying early stages opportunities in Community solar projects, from project origination, early stage development to full permitting, EPC management and financing to take projects to full operation. Our team has worked extensively on Solar Power assets on traditional sites such as commercial properties, farmland to specialty areas such as landfills, and complimentary applications such as Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle charging stations.

Our key markets in North America are the North East, Mid Atlantic region of the United States, and the Ontario region in Canada.Through a targeted expansion strategy, we are striving to expand intothe US Midwest, Texas and California. We also intend to leverage ourcorporate ownership in Japan, by utilizing select innovative technology transfers and access to a wide range of capital resources.


Japan 396MW

Japan's top class
As an independent power producer (IPP)
We have a rich track record

Sky Solar is a renewable energy development company that was born in Germany and developed in Japan. Since 2009, the dawn of large-scale solar power generation, Sky Solar Japan has continued to focus on the renewable energy business as a Japanese IPP, and has spent more than 10 years alongside the growth of solar power generation.

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