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Sky Solar has established a global presence with offices and local teams around the world.

We have a proven track record of identifying growth markets and leveraging our field capabilities and local expertise to successfully enter these emerging solar markets. Our centralized O&M platform in Europe and Asia allows us to cost-effectively increase the availability, power generation rate and system life of our solar parks.

Having developed over 200 different solar projects around the world, we have experience and expertise in every stage of project development, from rooftop systems to multi-megawatt ground-mounted systems. We are supplier and technology neutral, giving us the flexibility to choose from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers to source the best technology for each project.

Currentsolar power generation

We value technology neutrality and flexibility. This means having the flexibility to choose the best solar power solution for each project, regardless of supplier or technology. We have experience and expertise in developing over 200 solar projects, taking into account solar radiation, regulatory environments, electricity prices, etc. in different regions around the world. We are also adept at raising funds, providing cost-effective project financing solutions. In addition, we comprehensively conduct everything from development to ownership and operation, and have developed and completed more than 292MW of solar parks worldwide, and own and operate more than 135MW. In addition, we are developing over 500MW of solar power projects with a focus on growth markets such as Japan, Chile, Canada, the United States and Uruguay.



We leverage our local expertise and capabilities to successfully enter the emerging solar power market. To date, we have developed more than 200 projects and implemented efficient operational management through centralized O&M platforms in Europe and Asia. We have experience and expertise in a wide range of projects, from commercial rooftops to multi-megawatt ground-mounted systems. We are also supplier and technology neutral, and are flexible in exploring options to choose the best solution.



We are an independent power producer (IPP) that develops, owns and operates solar parks around the world. Established in the regions of Asia, South America, Europe, North America and Africa, it specializes in the solar power segment. Currently, we have developed 300 solar parks totaling over 292MW in Japan, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, USA/Puerto Rico, Canada, and Germany, and own and operate over 135MW. More than 500MW of solar power generation business is underway in Japan, Chile, Canada, the United States, Uruguay, and other countries.



Our electricity production reduces CO₂ emissions by 0.56 kg per kilowatt hour. Sky Solar develops renewable energy projects around the world, delivering clean, affordable renewable energy solutions and creating long-term value. Our agricultural energy is environmentally friendly, reduces CO₂ emissions and plays an important role in meeting energy needs around the world. This builds a bright future for future generations.

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